Hello. I am Okashido and this is my blog.

I am a fan of a lot of different fandoms, but you'll be seeing a lot of homestuck so be warned.

I am a critic of movies, video games, music, and art. Oh, I can also sing very well and am trying to figure out some technical stuff so I can post music stuff. This blog however is not exclusively for my respective fandoms asI will post anything that I deem important, funny, or interesting. Expect some high quality art or funny comics. I really like art.

I am a voice actor who currently voices the following characters for the following blogs.

I voice Diamonds Droogs for Homesmut

I am the voice of 4chan for The Interwebs Series

I am the voice of Gamzee Makara for Rappustuku

And I am the voice of Mituna Captor for Romancestuck

I am a college student.

I have a reviewing blog called okashido-first and do a weekly reviewing thing called "First Impressions" wherein I review cartoons and animations(both western and anime)

I do hope you enjoy my blog and have a wonderful day.

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