Hello. I am Okashido and this is my blog.

I am a fan of a lot of different fandoms, but you'll be seeing a lot of homestuck so be warned.

I am a critic of movies, video games, music, and art. Oh, I can also sing very well and am trying to figure out some technical stuff so I can post music stuff. This blog however is not exclusively for my respective fandoms asI will post anything that I deem important, funny, or interesting. Expect some high quality art or funny comics. I really like art.

I am a voice actor who currently voices the following characters for the following blogs.

I voice Diamonds Droogs for Homesmut

I am the voice of 4chan for The Interwebs Series

I am the voice of Gamzee Makara for Rappustuku

And I am the voice of Mituna Captor for Romancestuck

I am a college student.

I have a reviewing blog called okashido-first and do a weekly reviewing thing called "First Impressions" wherein I review cartoons and animations(both western and anime)

I do hope you enjoy my blog and have a wonderful day.

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Do you ever just realize how bad your voice sounds?

Okay, that is bullshit. I don’t care who you are or what your voice sounds like, this is not true. Nobody has a bad voice, it is all in how they use it. I am having trouble even typing words into this I’m so mad. I hate it when people doubt themselves. I just hate it when any harsh words are said to any person. Be the words from other people or not. I hate it!

I hate it!

I hate it!

I hate it!

I hate it!

I hate it!

I hate it!


If you don’t have faith in yourself, If you don’t look at yourself and feel happy, if you can’t love yourself, how can others?

And yes, I’m being hypocritical here. I think that I don’t look good. I know other people think that my eye color is “Pretty”. However I have been on this earth for 18 years and have never, ever, NEVER EVER NEVER been in a relationship. Maybe it’s because I haven’t tried to be in one, maybe it’s because I really don’t look good to other people. All I know for sure is that I don’t focus on the bad. For every bad thing there is about a person, there are 5 good things. My face has scars but I am funny, skilled at martial arts, smart, I have no biases, and have a great singing voice. I know my faults but I show off what I do best. If everyone did this, everybody would be happy. Hell, I would give my life to make everybody on the earth happy if only for a day. That is how sick and tired I am of people hating themselves.

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