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First Impressions - Top 10 Anime Cliches

Hello and welcome to First Impressions. Even if you haven’t seen any of them, anime has some of the most prominent cliches in animation history. Most of them deter people from watching them. But for those who watch anime, they provide a gold mine of comedic possibilities. So, I’ll be counting down the Top 10 Anime cliches that are either the most prominent or the most unavoidable. Without further ado, lets count down the Top Ten Anime Cliches!

10: Anime Sword Stance

It’s not seen as much as it used to be but the stance taken when holding a sword has been the same for a very long time. If there is ever a giant sword, it is going to be held this way. Going to attack, hold it this way. Just brought the weapon out, hold it this way. The most obvious way to hold it is when declaring battle. There have been new ways to hold swords in animes but this is often the most hysterical of them all……. Not much else to say about this one.

9: Magical Girls

They all wear dresses, they all fight the forces of some kind of evil, and they’ve been around for ages. Magical girls can be the hottest, coolest, or most annoying of any anime character. They are also the biggest punch in the dick for being the youngest heros of the world. Would you believe that Sailor Moon was 14 when she started out. 14!! How can that be 14!!! Another thing with magical girls is that when you see one, you know there’s going to be 4 more following her around. Each one just as hot or annoying as the last.

8: Someone’s not there

I don’t know why, but every character in an anime has had some kind of sad history. Either a parent died, both parents died, or they got divorced. Whatever the cause, the main character is one body short of a family. The less of a family there is, the more insane the character gets. Some people have tried to sugar coat it by making characters family be away on business. But when you get down to it, there still aren’t home. This is the cliche I wanted to mention in my review of Accel World. The main character had both parents to my knowledge. He had a fine life at home. It was everything that happened outside of his home that made him interesting. It was him that made it awesome. I’m not saying that this is bad, it’s just a card played way to often.

7: The Bath Scene

…… Need I go on. Every anime has one. Every. last. damn. one. I dare you to find one that doesn’t. I don’t know why they happen. The writers probably just get tired of being Otakus and just want to see their character naked in a bath tub. Now when “The Bath Scene” is mentioned, this accounts for hot spring scenes as well. Fuck you anime. I watch out for these scenes in every show like a vulture looking for food at a beauty pageant because I pray to one day see a time when there is not a bath scene. Just once, can’t there be any female protagonist that doesn’t have to get down to her wet and skinnys under the pencil? The bath scene, nice to see you made it on the list.

6: The Cool Character Dies

With a heavy heart, I must put this on the top 10. In every anime from Gurran Lagan to Pumpkin Scissors, the coolest characters always die. They may not be the most well developed, they may not be one of the good guys. But if you give off that sense of manliness that only Kamina can, kiss your girl and kick some ass cause you’re gonna die. It’s even gotten to the point where I can tell you who is going to die in a series. They wear a cape and shout a lot, gonna die. They don’t talk much and kill people in the most sadistic ways, gonna die. Why do they always kill off the coolest character!? Because if they killed off everyone else, it would be to predictable.

5: The Back of the Class

I know it’s pretty weird to see this higher on the list then #6, but hear me out. In every anime that has a classroom. Every last one, where does the main character always sit? In the back three rows and to the right. Why do they always sit back there? We don’t fuckin’ know. Is there, like a seating chart for them to sit back there? Any health reason why they have to? Hell some animes actually go as far as to make them actually have health related issues. Here’s the thing too, EVERY anime that has a classroom has this. I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t do this!

WHAT!!!! THEY DON’T!?!?!?!?!?!?

4: Breasts

Ahh, Anime. You always grace us with the most plentiful of pillows. The most admirable of mammaries. The most insanely huge “on sale melons” that pencils can draw. Every main character, every female in an anime has breasts that the very women of japan wish they had. I have seen breasts in anime that you could rent ad space on. I’ve seen some so huge that I suspect the reason that men flock to them is not because their attractive (which they always are). I believe that they are being drawn to her by the sheer gravitational pull of what might as well be two water balloons in a hammock. I believe that Yahtzee said it best with, “Bosoms, melons, milk factories, busts, funbags, knockers, ballistics, boobies, jugs, nipples, jubblies, STONKING GREAT TITS!”

3: Blood. Lots and lots of Blood

I barely need to touch upon this one. Anime characters, down to the smallest child, have enough blood in their bodies to refill every last vein in africa. Do they all have both hemophilia AND high blood pressure? Why the artists every make them have that much!? All it does is show the fans that they have no excuse to write just “It” on the bathroom wall. Hell they could re write the entire bible, word for word! Japan has even made jokes about it in their commercials for high blood pressure! It’s just plain weird.

2: The Best Friend

The best friend is always the most obvious of anime cliches. Wether its a man and women, same sex, or different species all together- The best friend loves the main character. It is always like this. I haven’t found a single damn time when they didn’t have that awkward relationship of friend/tsundere love. They all have the same story too. “We were friends sense we were kids but I have loved him ever sense we became friends” and blah blah blah blah! Just confess already!!

And the Number 1 anime Cliche: Giant F**king Lasers

Our world has Duct Tape. The anime universe has lasers big enough to wipe out half of Charlie Sheens crack collection. Enemy base on the horizon, shoot it with a laser. Got to finish the enemy off, shoot it with a laser. Jar of pickles wont open, shoot with with a giant f**king laser. They split my sides, the sides of anime fans, and planets in half. It is the biggest anime cliche.

Thanks for reading. I have zero biased and these were my First Impressions

Want should I review next?

First Impressions - Accel World

What can I say about this anime. It doesn’t follow most of the stereotypical anime chlichés, it’s story is interesting, the art is great but when is it not? So without further delay, lets get in the Accel World. The first thing that you would find interesting about Accel World is that the main character is not the typical brown hair, attractive, tall, and 5 women trying to get in his pants character. Our main character, Haruyuki Arita, is actually a short fat kid who gets picked on a lot. However japan has to take baby steps when trying new things, so he does have brown hair. Like, who doesn’t in animes?

Well except for him.

And him.


Anyway- We find out that Arita is being picked on by some guys and apparently has been for a long time, which has given him low self esteem. Frankly this is awesome. The norm for animes has been either generic character that have amazing things happen to them or character you would want to be. This is the first one i’ve seen that is actually relatable. Most people that I know who watch anime have been picked on for one reason or another. This not only makes him more relatable but more interesting as a character. After a bullying session, he vents his anger in the bathroom and uses the schools Neuro-synchronization system to enter the schools online community. Because we know that neurally connected technology has never backfired.

Yeah, like that. But in all seriousness, this was an epic scene. Sense the character has already admitted that he was willing to abandon the real world for the virtual world, we know that he has probably out so much effort into his avatar and leveled up so much. What kind of amazing avatar could Arita have!?

……. A pig?

Well anyway, turns out that Arita spends his time not studying by playing a form space tennis? Trust me its weird. He also takes pride in the fact that he’s the one with the highest score. That is until he catches the interest of Kuroyukihime, who gives him a program that allows him to increase his brain neural functions or more simply put, freeze time. He uses this while being punched by one of the bullies to make them get arrested and expelled at the cost of injuring Kuroyukihime. She gives him one warning that as long as he has the “Brain Burst” to not be connected to the web. We find out later that this is because he ends up being forced into a digital post apocalyptic earth where he’s attacked by other people who have the brain burst program.

Now in the series we do meet some other characters that do matter to the story and, for what they are worth, can be interesting. However I think what makes this series is the fact that it IS doing something new. The fact that it’s doing new things makes you interested and in turn makes you interested in the anime. You will want to find out what happens. The story also makes you more interested. The only thing I have to nag about, is the really out of place chubby kid loving. Not saying it’s wrong, just kinda creepy and out of place.

I’m Okashido. I have zero expectations and these were my First Impressions.